About Me

I’m originally from Johnstown, PA - just east of Pittsburgh - and after graduating from Edinboro University, I started my career in Baltimore, MD. After successfully launching my career in visual design, I headed back to PA to pursue a couple of new opportunities and I am now living in Mooresville, NC. 

I have always loved art and design and knew I wanted to make a career out of it. I spent countless hours as a kid using a variety of media to recreate logos and illustrations I found appealing or creating highly detailed and realistic drawings of automobiles and machinery. In high school, I made some money and gained a lot of experience hand lettering and airbrushing designs onto helmets, race cars, and other vehicles and later began working as a freelance designer and commissioned artist. Since I can remember, I've appreciated typography, photography, composition, architecture, and art so when it was time to decide my career trajectory, the decision was clear. 

I’m very fortunate to be able to make my living in the design world. I have worked in so many roles throughout the years that I will not claim to have perfected any of them since I continue to learn everyday making this line of work so exciting. 

I’ve added some examples of work I create outside of my professional career that shows my personal interests and skills in fine arts and applied media. For a brief rundown of my professional experience, check out my Resume or Contact me