Identity Solutions

Cognizen Course Builder

The Project: Design a logo for a new Content Management Tool developed to streamline online courseware creation allowing non-developers to successfully create entire courses using drag-and-drop functionality, wysiwyg editing capabilities, and CSS. 

The Solution: The vision behind the design was to depict the expansion of toolsets from a central core (Cognizen) coupled with the migration inward of multiple resources (Team) to form a singular element (Courseware).

Wells Chiropractic

The Project: Design a logo for a new chiropractic office in western Pennsylvania and later, collateral for the office, local events, and advertising channels. 

The Solution: The final version integrates the "W" of the doctor's name with abstracts of patients and a subtle depiction of the Appalachian mountain region.     

Sustainable Products Center (SPC)

The Project: The SPC is a web-based and database driven initiative with the goal to become the primary online resource for DoD personnel to learn about sustainable solutions and how they can integrate sustainable alternatives into their installations. 

The Solution: Develop a program logo that will be applied to the website and database interfaces and used to brand the initiative. Several logo concepts were considered and these examples display my approach to the solution to visually depict the program's mission to promote renewable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly solutions to their customers.